Bundle Xeams with Office 365 For Added Security

Microsoft offers a hosted email solution eliminating the need for an in-house Exchange server. There are several benefits of running a spam filtering solution in conjunction with your Exchange server on Office 365. This page talks about benefits and how to configure this solution.


  • Junk Filtering - Many companies that have switched from an in-house Exchange to Office 365 still prefer Xeams for their Junk/Spam filtering. Similar to on-premises Exchange, the built-in junk filtering in Office 365's filtering is not very aggressive.
  • Full Control - You have full control over how filtering occurs. It is very important you know why something is quarantined in order to fine-tuning filtering rules. Xeams will give you exactly why something was blocked.
  • Extensive Logging - Extensive logging in Xeams helps troubleshooting common delivery problems.
  • Email Archiving - Archive emails sent to and from your company with the ability to search messages previously sent.
  • Quarantine Reports - You users will get a daily quarantine report with Xeams allowing them to see, and if required, restore messages. Additionally, they will also be able to maintain their own white/black list.
  • End-to-End Encryption - With Xeams you can achieve End-To-End encryption without any plugins in your Outlook.
  • URL Sandbox Protection - Allow users to analyze links before clicking. Click here for details.
  • Safe Attachment Viewer - Safely open attached files by converting them to text. Click here for details.

How to Setup Inbound

You can filter both inbound as well as outbound. Although there is no need to filter outbound emails, Xeams can learn from what goes out making the inbound filtering better.

Following image display the message flow when installing Xeams to filter inbound messages.

Following steps demonstrate how to setup.

  • Configure the MX record of your domain so inbound emails come to the network where Xeams is installed
  • Run Xeams in either Hybrid or Spam Firewall mode
  • Use the Regular SMTP server, rather than the Proxy Server. That's because several servers on Microsoft accept incoming emails.
  • Configure your domain under SMTP Configuration to forward messages to Office 365

How to Setup Outbound

Sending outbound is similar to inbound but in opposite direction.

  • Configure the smart host in Office 365 to route outbound emails through Xeams
  • Add your domain name among the Trusted Domains and specify an SPF record. This will make sure your outbound emails will not get filtered and Xeams will learn from what goes out.