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Subject:Installation scenarios for Xeams
Creation date:12/14/15 4:35 PM
Last modified on:2/24/22 12:10 PM

Installation Scenarios for Xeams

Xeams can be installed in several different network environments. Click a desired link below that matches closest to your environment.


Xeams is the only email server. Emails from the Internet will come into Xeams via SMTP. Local users will fetch messages from their inbox using either IMAP or POP3.


Firewall, Separate Machine

Xeams sits in front of another email server, such as MS Exchange, Postfix, or any other. It is installed on a machine other than your actual email server, which is the recommended approach.


Firewall, Shared Machine

Xeams sites in front of another email server, such as MS Exchange, Postfix or any other. It is installed on the same machine where your actual server is running.


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