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Why Choose Xeams

Comprehensive Protection as One Integrated Solution

Xeams is a single platform that enables you to protect, analyze, manage, and report on email traffic flowing in and out of your organization. It is based on an enterprise-class, component-based architecture that includes a state-of-the-art SMTP relay and a powerful policy engine. By monitoring messaging at the Internet gateway with a complete set of email security capabilities, Xeams provides the most effective method to make your inbound and outbound email streams secure and reliable.

To ensure compliance with government and industry regulations like HIPAA, GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley and Safe Harbor (EU), Xeams provides sophisticated filtering, monitoring, encryption and reporting capabilities. And, using state-of-the-art technology, authentication, tracking and intelligent routing capabilities, Xeams makes it simple for administrators and management in your company to monitor any message coming in and going out of your network.

Top 10 Reasons

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With Xeams, organizations can:

  • Stop spam, viruses, hackers and phishing attacks at the Internet gateway
  • Define custom policies based on any characteristic of email, ensuing compliance with company policies, industry and government regulations
  • Authenticate and intelligently route email according to administrator-defined policies
  • Prevent intellectual property leaks through customer-defined content filtering parameters
  • Use email to reliably and securely exchange information with customers and partners.

Benefits of using Xeams

  • Its free - Yes, that is right. Community Edition of Xeams is absolutely free. Click here to see how much the Enterprise Edition costs.
  • Ongoing, regularly updated services - Free rule-updates are pushed to your server every two hours ensuring your organization is protected from the latest threats
  • Centralized management lets administrators manage email infrastructure from any machine using their web browser. Users can connect to the admin console to manage user-defined rules
  • Integrated graphical reporting provides a single point of management and reporting on email usage and trends, including email volume and policy violations.
  • Complete inbound and outbound protection provides security in both directions.

What makes Xeams different

  • No hidden cost - Unlike many competing solutions, we publish our pricing publicly on our site. We do not ask how big your company is or how much revenue you generate before generating a quote.
  • Easy Trial - Many companies use Xeams for spam/junk filtering and put it in front of their existing server. Trying out Xeams is very easy and does require any changes on your existing production server. Simply install Xeams on any machine and configure your network firewall to route the messages through Xeams. If you don't like, simply change the firewall back to its original setting.
  • Precise Reasoning - You will know exactly why a message was blocked. Thousands of filters add their own independent score and you will know why each score was applied
  • Latest Specs - Xeams support latest specs including SPF, DKIM and DMARC.