Xeams Cloud

Xeams cloud service helps easily eliminate spam, viruses, and other unwanted emails from your network. This service is designed for organizations that do not want to invest in hosting their own email server and would rather have a company manage it.

What is Xeams Cloud

Similar to our on-premise solution, Xeams Cloud offers a state-of-the-art email filtering and malware detection service in the cloud. It works with most email service providers like Microsoft Office 365 and Google GSuite. With Xeams Cloud service, you can:

  • Eliminate 99% of spam before they reach your inbox
  • Block viruses and other malicious attachments
  • Protect your infrastructure from DDos attacks
  • Improve productivity and reduce cost by letting our engineering team take care of the best practices associated with emails.

Central Administrative Control

Xeams Cloud service provides an easy-to-use interface for administrators to:

  • Specify company-wide policies for black/whitelisting senders and content filtering rules.
  • Add/modify users in the system
  • Monitor email activity for the organization through extensive reports

On-Premise vs Cloud

You download and install Xeams inside your network. Nothing to install on your end.
Employees in your company manage the email infrastructure, which includes maintaining the operating system, upgrades to the software and backups. Task involving OS upgrades, software updates and backups are handled by engineers at Synametrics Technologies, Inc.
Xeams can work in any mode of operation: Stand-Alone, Firewall or Hybrid. Only Firewall mode is available. This means incoming emails will get forwarded to your actual email server.
Filter inbound as well as outbound emails. Filter inbound emails. Optionally, a BCC copy of your outbound email can be sent to Xeams so it can learn.
Plugins are available at no extra cost. Plugins are not available
End-users can directly connect to Xeams using POP3/IMAP and/or SMTP, if needed. End-users will typically connect to your actual email server rather than Xeams. Therefore, POP3/IMAP are not available.
Unlimited archiving Messages are archived for 60 days.
100% private. Your emails will remain inside your network. Some organizations may not be able to use it due to compliance restrictions.

Similarities With On-Premise Xeams

  • Works with services like Office 365 and Google GSuite
  • Identical filtering rule configuration to ensure proper message delivery.
  • Ability to search and mark messages.
  • Quarantine reports.