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Document ID: 5386
Subject: Troubleshooting Disappeared Emails
Creation date: 7/21/20 7:31 AM
Last modified on: 7/21/20 8:27 AM

Troubleshooting Disappeared Emails

There are two variations of such problem:

  1. You see a message in the Live Monitor but cannot find that message any more. The user never gets it.
  2. You don't even see it in the live monitor.

The most probable reason for such problem is deletion threshold. In other words, you have one or more rules with very high score that takes the message beyond deletion threshold causing Xeams delete the message.

Try the following

  • Go to Tool/View Logs, select DeletedEmails.log and confirm you don't see your message in there. Emails scoring higher than the deletion threshold will be logged in that log.
  • It is strongly recommended not to assign very high scores to any rule in Xeams. High score could take messages beyond deletion threshold and you will lose that email forever.
  • Increase the value for Deletion Threshold, which is found under Filter Management, Score Configuration

Try the following

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