Licensing policy change

For the past 10 years, Synametrics Technologies, Inc. has been proudly publishing Xeams without asking for any compensation. Xeams has helped thousands of companies save millions of dollars in productivity by preventing junk emails from reaching their inbox and wasting valuable time sifting through them.

During the decision making process of evolving Xeams even further, Synametrics has come to a crossroad that is compelling us to make a tough decision. While our team would love to continue offering Xeams for free, we must consider: keeping up with the demands of the software, investing time and resources, and maintaining quality support. Therefore, we have come to the difficult conclusion that we can no longer provide Xeams for free.

Beginning January 17th, 2017, Xeams will be available in two editions:

If you wish to continue using Xeams with all of its features, you must purchase a license for Enterprise otherwise forego some features and use Community at no cost. Existing users of Xeams will get a notification around October 16, 2016 and will get a 90-days period to decide.

For more information on pricing please click here.

What will change in Xeams?

There will be two changes:

  • First, you will have to register your copy of Xeams. You will see a registration screen when you login as admin. Your copy of Xeams will pull a unique serial number from Synametrics's web site during this registration process. There is no charge for this registration.

  • Second, Xeams will continue running without interruption until November 17, 2016. No action is required if you wish to continue using the Community Edition. You must purchase an appropriate license if you wish to continue using the Enterprise Edition

FAQ about new policy

What will happen after November 17, 2016?
Xeams will get converted to the Community Edition and will continue to accept and deliver emails. Features that come with the Enterprise Edition will not function. They will start functioning again if you decide to purchase the yearly subscription for the Enterprise Edition.
I have a valid support contract. How will I be affected?
There will be no change in your support contract. You will be automatically upgraded to the Enterprise Edition without any additional cost regardless of the number of users. The new pricing model does not apply for you and Synametrics Technologies, Inc. will honor the existing contract.
How can I convince my manager to continue using Xeams?
Xeams provides extensive reporting. Try running the Yearly Report in Xeams and scroll down at the bottom. It will display a dollar amount that your company has saved in the current calendar year using Xeams. We are confident the cost for the using Enterprise Edition is going to be a fraction of what you have saved.