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Installing Xeams without an installer on Windows

These instructions are useful if you run into any problem installing Xeams using the default Installer.


  • First, download the file from here. This zipped file contains every file that is required to run Xeams
  • We recommend you extract these files in a folder off of your root drive, such as C:\Xeams
  • Once the files are extracted you should see the following files/folders on your machine.


  • Then, open a console (DOS) window, change the current directory to the installation folder and run the following commands


    Although you can double click the InstallService.bat file from Windows Explorer to achieve similar results, we recommend that you perform this task from a console window. Double clicking a batch file often displays a Console window for a split second and then disappears, which creates confusion.

  • Once you run the InstallService script, Xeams should get registered to your OS as a service. You should be able to start/stop Xeams like any other service on Microsoft Windows operating system.


  • Finally, open a browser and type:


    This will start the Admin Console