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Subject: Temporary filters to block junk/spam messages
Creation date: 12/14/15 4:35 PM
Last modified on: 1/14/22 2:42 PM

Temporary filters

Content filters can be added on a temporary basis. Temporary filters disable themselves after a certain number of days. Such filters are useful if you get a particular email from someone containing a very innocent message and want to block it. Since the message contains innocent language, it is important to disable the rule once the attack is over.

Consider the following email as an example:

Subject: An invoice for your purchase - invoice # 34566
Body Attached is an invoice for your recent purchase. Please pay the invoice in full to avoid any late fees.

The attached invoice contains a description and date of your purchases. Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have.

The above example contains an attachment which may contain a virus or document instructing you to provide your credit card number on a website.

You decide to block every email containing an attachment However, since this name is innocent it is recommended that you add a rule and disable it later on.

How to add a temporary rule

Any content rule can be made temporary by specifying a value for Expire After field. Refer to the image below.


In the image above, the rule will only last 10 days.

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