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Subject:Creating Temporary Email Addresses
Creation date:11/7/16 4:19 PM
Last modified on:5/19/20 11:44 AM

Creating Temporary Email Addresses

Often users want to create temporary or disposable email addresses to use for websites on the Internet. Xeams offers multiple types of temporary addresses, which are summarized in the table below.
Type Description Use-Case
Simple No configuration Works when you don't have to reply. For example, when signing up for a mailing list
Simple With Expiration No configuration Works when you don't have to reply and don't expect any communication after some time. For example, when making a one-time purchase
Enhanced Requires some configuration Works when you have to reply to sender. For example, when doing some research for purchasing a car. You may want to send and receive emails from your local car dealers.
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Simple with or without expiration
Consider the following scenario:
  • John's email address is
  • He likes to subscribe to some service on the Internet but is not sure if he wants it to be active for more than 60 days.
  • Instead of using his real email address, he can use
  • Any incoming email received for will automatically route to

How it works

Any string followed by a plus (+) sign is considered a tag. For example, Xeams will deliver email addresses to as though it were addressed to

Expiration date

Users can specify an expiration date for the email address. This expiration date must be part of the email address and must be in the format: YYYYMMYY. For example, the following email address will expire after December 31, 2016.

Valid Examples

Invalid Examples - Date must be at the end. Email will get delivered but won't expire. - A plus (+) sign is not used before date. Email will get delivered but won't expire - Email will be rejected since no user exists matching "john.doe_sample"
Use this type of temporary emails when you have to received as well as send messages to someone on the Internet. In this case, Xeams will automatically transform necessary sender/recipient in either an incoming or outgoing email.

Steps To Create A Temporary Email

  • Log in as a non-admin user
  • Click Manage Temporary Emails under Home
  • Xeams will already assign a random value for the temporary email. Change it if you like
  • The Foreign Address/Domain field takes one of the four values:

    Full Email
    Complete email address of the sender
    Domain Name
    Domain name of the sender
    Xeams will assign the value when first message is received
    Xeams will assign the value for the domain when first message is received
  • Specify an expiration date and check the Auto Whitelist if desired. If this box is checked, emails sent to this temporary address will automatically get into the whitelist.

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