Timeout for POP3 server

By design POP3 servers are required to allow only one client at a given time. This requirement does not work very well with POP3 clients that do not close the connection right away after checking emails. In such cases a user's mailbox gets locked for a longer period of time and they cannot check messages on some other device.

To prevent this locking problem, version 4.8 has a built-in timeout of 20 seconds. If a POP3 client does not send a message for 20 seconds, Xeams will terminate the connection and release the lock.

Follow the steps below to modify this setting:

  • Locate server.properties file in $INSTALL_DIR\config folder. Create a new text file is this file is missing.
  • Paste the following line at the end:


  • The value for this parameter is specified in milliseconds. The example above will set this timeout period to 50 seconds. Specify -1 one to disable this timeout period.