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Subject:Why are messages sitting in out-bound mail queue
Creation date:12/14/15 4:35 PM
Last modified on:8/13/18 9:29 AM

Outbound mail queue

The $INSTALL_DIR\OutboundMailQueue folder is used to store messages that cannot be sent to the final destination in the first attempt. There are several reasons for messages to stay here. Messages that fail to be delivered in the first attempt are saved in this queue. Therefore, if a message is delivered right away, it won't appear in this folder.

Consider the following reasons for a message to stay here.
  • MX record(s) for the destination server cannot be resolved. If you are using Xeams in Hybrid or Firewall mode and a destined for a local domain is found in this queue, ensure you have added the domain in the local host file. (Server Configuration -> Manage Host Files).
  • Outbound port 25 is NOT blocked. Often users run Xeams on a dynamic IP address and their ISP block the traffic for outbound port 25. SMTP communication on the Internet always occur on TCP/IP port 25 and if this port is blocked, messages will sit in the OutboundMailQueue folder forever.
  • The receiving server is either down or is not accepting messages temporarily. In this case, the message will get delivered automatically.
By default, Xeams flushes its outbound queue every 30 minutes. Follow the steps below to change this default behavior.
  • Login as admin 
  • Click Server Configuration
  • Modify the values for Retry Interval and Retry Count under Advanced tab

User comments

Posted by Edwin Gutierrez on 5/12/16 10:48 PM

I also have the same issues with ALL outgoing mail queued in the "OutogingMailQueue" folder. Looking at the "OutboundAuditTrailFalure.log" it says "Failure Reason: No Server Listening on Port 25". But I am sending to a GMAIL account and other email account which can receive email without a problem from other email server.

Posted by hmantech on 9/30/16 5:40 AM

Found the solution to this problem.. Added an entry for '' with ip address 'localhost' in the manage local host file option, and outbound queue was delivered

Posted by Greg Schultz on 4/16/15 10:16 AM

I'm having the same issue...

Posted by james whiteaker on 12/23/14 3:22 PM

so. i have restored messages stuck in outbound queue, the local hosts file is correct. i'm able to sent and receve email fine. just when restoring a message goes in to the outbound queue and i cant figure out why. thoughts?

Posted by hmantech on 9/30/16 5:23 AM

Same issue with us.. Messages are being sent and delivered normally, but nothing is moving from outbound queue ..

Posted by Bob Hild on 2/23/16 12:48 PM

Same issue with some user's and some emails.

Posted by Richard Smith on 10/25/16 11:14 AM

This issue was on an exchange SMTP firewall setup with Xeams on a different machine. I resolved the problem by adding port 25 back into the receive connector in Exchange. It was changed to port 2525 as the Xeams setup guide recommended. I had my client reports getting hung up in outbound queue with error " SERVERNAME:25 not responding. check firewall." The servername i believe is pulled from the smtp proxy, and can only be changed by adding to the [manage local host file] as hmantech posted. this does not change the port used, and from what i can tell, you cannot edit this port.

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