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Document ID:4819
Subject:Specifying a custom folder for user repository
Creation date:3/28/16 11:12 AM
Last modified on:3/2/22 3:48 PM

Custom path for user repository

User's Repository is the location where emails for every user are stored in Xeams. By default, this location is $INSTALL_DIR\UserRepository. As users receive more emails to their account, you may need additional disk space.

The following section lays down the steps required to move this repository:
  • Create a file called in the $XEAMSINSTALLDIR/config folder. It is quite possible that this file already exists on your system.
  • Open the file in any text editor, such as Notepad on Windows or VI on Linux/UNIX.
  • Add the following lines in the file:
    VERY IMPORTANT: If you are running Xeams on Windows, you should use a slash (/) rather than a back-slash (\) to separate the folders. This is contrary to the convention in Windows but was done by design to stay consistent across other operating systems.
  • Move the contents of older folders to the new location. Failure to move the files will result in "File Not Found" errors.
  • Restart the server

User comments

Posted by dcol on 6/13/16 1:56 PM

I would like to add that file does not exist by default. You have to create it. Do not confuse with

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