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ClamAV Windows Integration with Xeams

To use ClamAV on Windows machines, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Download & Extract ClamAV Daemon for Windows

You can find the latest ClamAV installer for Windows in the "Windows" section here.

Step 2: Installing and Configuration Files

After you download and extract (or install) ClamAV, navigate to the install directory and look for the conf_examples folder. In here, there are two files; clamd.conf.sample and freshclam.conf.sample. Copy these files to the installation directory.

Step 3: Modifying Conf Files

Once you copied the files, you will need to modify the two conf files; clamd.conf.sample and freshclam.conf.sample:

Modifying clamd.conf.sample:

  • Open clamd.conf.sample with a text editor, such as notepad.
  • In Line number 8, you should see the word Example. Comment it so that it looks like: #Example or remove this line.
  • To enable logging, remove the # in #LogFile "C:\Program Files\ClamAV\clamd.log"
  • Search for "TCPSocket" and confirm the port is 3310 and it is NOT commented out.
  • Additionally, confirm "TCPAddr" is NOT commented out. You can either leave it at localhost or specify the ip addresses where ClamAV is installed at.
  • Save the file and exit. Rename the clamd.conf.sample to clamd.conf

Modifying freshclam.conf.sample

  • Open freshclam.conf.sample with a text editor, such as notepad.
  • Similar to clamd.conf, in Line number 8, you should see the word Example. Comment it so that it looks like: #Example or remove this line.
  • To enable logging, remove the # in the line #UpdateLogFile "C:\Program Files\ClamAV\freshclam.log"
  • Save the file and exit. Rename freshclam.conf.sample to freshclam.conf

Step 4: Install Service and update Antivirus Library

Open an elevated Windows DOS (Command Prompt in Administrator Mode) and navigate to the install directory.

Run the following command:

clamd.exe --install

This will install the clamd service. Next, run the following code:


This will update the current library. You can schedule this process via Windows Task Scheduler if you want to frequently update the library.

Step 5: Running the Service

Open your Windows Services window and start the service: ClamAV ClamD

If you wish, you can also edit the service to launch at startup now.

Step 6: Connecting Xeams to ClamAV

Open your Xeams Admin console and navigate to Server Configuration -> Clam-AV Integration

In the hostname/IP field put the address to the machine where you installed ClamAV. If you installed it on the same machine Xeams is running on, put: localhost

For the port, set it to 3310

Click save and run the test to confirm it is successfully integrated.

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