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Alternative to Postfix

When it comes to email servers, there are benefits to hosting a in-house email server. These advantages include having full control of your server as well as having privacy where no third party will have access to your emails. There are numerous in-house email servers online, one of them is Postfix.

Postfix is a MTA (mail transfer agent) that routes and delivers emails. It consists of numerous small programs that interact with the user process along with many progrms that run in the background. Postfix is used widely used because of its availability and customization of features. However, there are many alternative solutions for email servers, such as Xeams, that provide the same benefits, but have additional features.

Full email serverFull email server
Basic spam filterConstantly updated anti-spam filtering
Supports SSL/TLS, SPF and DKIMSupports SSL/TLS, SPF, DKIM, DMARC and End to End encryption
Can be installed on LinuxCan be installed on Linux, Windows and MacOS.
Logs for email communicationExtensive logging as well as live monitor and live logging for emails
No automatic backup of configuration.Automatic backup of configuration files and built-in clustering
Configuration must be done in command lineConfiguration is easily done through the web interface


It is very important to make sure that any configuration in your email server is straight-forward and easy to implement. Configuring Postfix always requires you to enter in certain values in a terminal. This can get difficult to setup postfix or change any configuration because of its lack of ease of use. Xeams solves this difficulty by having a built-in web interface where you can easily change configuration settings. This web interface allows you to access and modify Xeams without being on the same machine, or the need to SSH into it. In addition to the ability of easily changing configuration, Xeams also works on other operating systems, including Macos, and Windows. Postfix requires Linux in order to run.

Spam Filtering

No one likes to get constant spam emails that fill up their inbox. It's important that a email server has the ability to block messages that are considered spam. Although Postfix does have spam capabilities, Xeams has a much more robust solution for this. Xeams has thousands of filters to prevent spam from reaching the users' inboxes. These filtering rules include IP address, RBLs, virus attachment checks, finger print analysis and so on. All of the filters above are customizable and can easily be configured. Please see a list of filters here.


Both Postfix and Xeams are both full in-house server can give you the advantage of privacy. However, Xeams has a much more powerful anti spam filtering solution. In addition, Xeams provides a easy way to configure the server settings by accessing the web interface. This lets the administrator configure sever settings, including spam filtering, with relative ease. Additional security features such as DMARC and End to End Encryption ensure emails are secure and no one else can peek at your emails. If you are looking for an alternative to Postfix, Xeams is the right solution to go for.

Created on: Nov 29, 2020
Last updated on: Jul 17, 2024


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