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Alternative to Barracuda Spam Filter

Today alone, the average office worker will receive over 120 emails, of which, over 50% will be considered spam messages. Sifting through dozens of junk messages can be a pain when you need to respond to emails to conduct business. This is precisely why many businesses have shifted to use stronger than average spam filters, such as Barracuda to protect their employees' inboxes from potentially dangerous and at the very least time wasting, messages.

However, there are alternative solutions out there that offer identical, and in some cases more, protection and filtering for a more competitive cost. One of those solutions is Xeams. This page will cover some of the differences between each of them, and how you can use Xeams to protect your company from malicious and junk emails.


Barracuda Xeams
Constantly Updated anti-spam filtering Constantly Updated anti-spam filtering
Semi-Private-Cloud based Full Private-Cloud solution
Additional costs for encryption Standard encryption included
Anti-Malware features require paid upgrade Anti-Malware features comes standard
Only a spam firewall Spam firewall + full email server combined
Additional threat protection and filtering costs extra Additional threat protection and filtering are included
Base model hosted and maintained by a third-party Base Model hosted entirely by you with no third-party involvement

Barracuda is considered a Semi-private-cloud based solution. This is because it is hosted on their end and the machines that it is installed on are under their control. Since this is hosted on their end, the access point to managing their solution is publicly available on the internet which is a vulnerable access point for hackers. Xeams, on the other hand, is a private-cloud solution; it is installed on a machine you control, and you have full authority over its configuration.

There are other security issues at play when not using a full private-cloud-based solution. These issues can lead to a decline of email integrity as the emails are passing through a server on their end, which opens up the possibility of an unauthorized user to view your emails.


From an expense point of view, both solutions operate under a pay-per-user system. This means that, unlike other competing products, you don?t pay based on the number of emails or data sent or filtered.

Barracuda?s solution can range from a simple spam filter to a full SMTP server. However, the cost increases dramatically as you add more features.

Xeams provides you with a full suite SMTP server as well as the spam filter for a single price. This can function as a stand-alone server, or integrate with your existing servers, including office-365, to provide a seamless transition and mail flow.


This page discussed using Xeams as a cost-effective yet powerful alternative to Barracuda Spam Filter and Email Management. Whether your goal is to simply increase your spam protection in your current email environment or run your own highly secure SMTP server, Xeams provides you with all of the tools you need to manage your email environment.

Created on: Nov 18, 2020
Last updated on: Jul 19, 2024


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