Xeams Appliance

The Xeams Appliance is a solid foundation for a secure messaging infrastructure providing a standards-based platform that intelligently serves, secures and manages messages with multi-mode client access. The Xeams Appliance offers the industry's best price performance and the scalability to handle the most demanding messaging environments. For large, multi-tier deployments, the Xeams Appliance easily and seamlessly integrates with other email servers and clients in the organization.

Xeams Appliance Benefits:

  • Appliance based messaging server to lower costs and provide high reliability and availability
  • Standards based mail server supports the mail client of your choice, including Outlook
  • Feature rich web-based client and support for mobile clients
  • Industry's lowest TCO and server consolidation advantages
  • Employs secure a hardened operating system that has no known exploits

Features and Benefits

Industry's Lowest TCO The Xeams Appliance offers significantly lower TCO than any application based messaging products. This translates to huge cost savings in administration, management, and addition of new users.
Feature Rich Messaging Services The Xeams Appliance offers rich e-mail support, including SMTP, POP3 and IMAP support with built in spam filtering that blocks 99% of junk messages right out of the box. Additionally, it includes Xeams Web Client that provides email access to users without the need to download a client on the user's PC. The Xeams Appliance also offers mail support for other mobile client devices.
Hardened Operating System The Xeams Appliance employs a hardened version of Ubuntu Linux OS that is optimized for performance and reliability with no known exploits.
Built On Industry Standards The Message Server supports Internet standard protocols, for easy integration with any client device.
99.999% Proven Reliability The Xeams Appliance has field proven 99.999% reliability equating to less than six minutes of unscheduled downtime per year.
Security By Design The message server is built on a locked-down hardened operating system with no known exploits. SSL and TLS protocols are supported for additional mail server protection and the administration interface is secured over an SSH connection.