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Subject: Manually patching Xeams to the latest version
Creation date: 12/14/15 4:35 PM
Last modified on: 5/16/22 11:17 AM

Manually patching Xeams

Although Xeams is designed to automatically update itself when a new version is released, in certain cases you may have to manually patch Xeams with the latest version. The most common reason for auto upgrades to fail is:
  • Inability of your Xeams to contact our web server on HTTP port 80
  • The firewall you use blocks downloading certain files, such as *.JAR

Steps to manually upgrade

  • Download Xeams.jar and and save them in the $INSTALL_DIR/patches folder. Note that if your firewall blocks downloading Xeams.jar, you may have to configure the firewall or download it from a different network.
  • DO NOT extract the zip file.
  • After saving these two files, you should have at least 3 files in the patches folder.
    1. Xeams.jar
    3. Patcher.jar
  • Connect to the Admin Console using the admin account
  • Click Restart on the right hand side. IMPORTANT You must restart Xeams from its web interface. Patching won't occur when the service is restarted from Windows Control Panel.

    An alternative method to restart Xeams without logging in is to submit the following URL in your browser:
    Note that the above URL will only work if you are connecting from the same machine where Xeams is installed. If Xeams is running on Linux where you don't have access to a browser, you can submit the following command:
    wget http://localhost:5272/FrontController?operation=restart
  • Watch the patches folder as Xeams is restarting. Xeams.jar and should eventually disappear, leaving only Patcher.jar in that folder.
  • Connect to the web interface to confirm the build number has changed to the latest build.

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User comments

Posted by Andreas on 4/3/19 8:00 PM

Please Upload the Putty SSH Syntax to implemt this for QNAP.

Posted by JJ Barnard on 7/16/20 3:33 AM

Replaced the JRE, didn't work. Did the above and it worked first time! Thank you very much!

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