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Subject:Friendly IP List
Creation date:5/23/18 9:44 AM
Last modified on:8/15/18 10:58 AM

Friendly IP Addresses

Xeams proactively detects attempts to guess passwords on your system. It blocks the IP address if a user tries to specify incorrect passwords multiple times. This security feature can occasionally block valid users who forget their password, resulting in blocking their IP address.

By specifying a list of friendly IP addresses, you can tell Xeams never to block certain addresses regardless of how many incorrect password attempts are made.

Steps to Enable

  • Create a file called FriendlyIP.txt in $INSTALL_DIR/config folder. $INSTALL_DIR refers to the folder where Xeams is installed.
  • Enter one IP address per line
  • Lines starting with a # sign are ignored and can be used for user comments

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