Executive Overview

Watch a short video demonstrating the benefits of Xeams and how it can protect your company.


End-To-End Encryption

Watch a short video demonstrating the benefits of using end-To-end encryption in Xeams.

Xeams - A Comprehensive Solution

Xeams is a secure and powerful mail server for Windows, Linux, Solaris, MacOSX and other flavors of UNIX, and supports SMTP, POP3, and IMAP. Xeams includes a powerful spam filtering engine that eliminates up to 99% of junk email right out of the box. The software offers a flexible approach to email, making it a very user friendly server.

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Email Firewall or Complete Server

Xeams can be used as an email firewall in front of another server, such as MS Exchange, or as a full email server requiring no other software to process emails.

Office 365 Integration

Use Xeams in front of your Office 365 infrastructure to gain additional filtering, reporting and archiving capabilities that you don't get with Office 365 alone. Details...

99% Spam Protection

Xeams can block 99% percent of all junk messages right out of the box. The filtering rules are fully customizable and get better as Xeams adapts to your email environment.

Built-in POP3 and IMAP Servers

IMAP and POP3 servers built right into the system to easily fetch emails from an email repository to a client's machine.

Extensive Reporting

Out of the box, Xeams provides several reports that accurately report the usage and load trends on your server. The Live Monitoring feature in Xeams provides a summary of emails as they arrive in your system.

Message Archiving

Xeams automatically archives every message that goes through it - both inbound and outbound. This makes Xeams a perfect companion to servers like Microsoft Exchange when it comes to message archiving.

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