Language Filters

Often companies, particularly smaller organizations, seldom get emails in foreign languages. Xeams allow assigning scores if foreign characters are found. For example, there is a very good chance that an accounting firm in New York will never receive any good emails in Chinese.

Xeams can detect foreign languages inside an email message. For example, you can assign a score if more than 20% message contains Chinese characters.

Languages are grouped in categories. Many languages share characters. For example, Latin characters are shared between English, French, Spanish, Germany, etc...

Following Languages are supported:
ArabicArabic, Persian, Urdu
Chinese, Japanese, KoreanChinese, Japanese, Korean
IndianHindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Gujrati, Punjabi and other Indian languages.
Latin - BasicUS/British English
Latin - ExtendedEnglish characters with Umlaut, such as