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How to create new users in Xeams

It is important that you create users in Xeams, particularly if you use Xeams in Stand-Alone mode. Additionally, users are required if:
  • You want use the POP3 or IMAP server, OR
  • Want to use SMTP authentication for out-bound emails, OR
  • Want to generate a Notification Report for your employees containing a list of messages that are quarantined by the server, OR
  • You want individual employees in your company to log in to the Admin Console and manage their own rules.

Types of users

There are two types of non-admin users in Xeams:
  • Integrated with Active Directory
  • Local users
The most important difference between Local and AD-based users is where is the password stored. In case of local users the password for every user is stored in Xeams and has nothing to do with their Windows password. On the other hand, passwords are never stored in Xeams for users that are integrated with Active Directory. When a user logs in, Xeams will send the authentication parameters to AD, which will confirm the password. If this user is trusted by AD, it will be trusted by Xeams.

Creating Integrated users with AD

When Active Directory integration is enabled, a local user in Xeams is automatically created when that person tries connecting to the web interface of Xeams using their Windows credential. Note that in this case the login ID must match with what they use on Windows, which is NOT their email address. For example: john.doe.

Creating Local users

There are three ways to create accounts for an end-user

  1. Creating manually - this must be done by an Administrator
  2. Using a wizard - this must be done by an Administrator
  3. By users themselves - this can be done by the end user
This page talks about the first two methods. Click here to learn more about the third one.

Creating users in Xeams

Following steps show how to create users in Xeams
  1. Launch Admin Console and log in.
  2. Click User Management under the Server Configuration menu
  3. Click Add New User to add a new user
  4. Following table defines the fields on this screen

Field name Description
Email Email address of the user. This field serves as a login ID.
Password that will be used by the user to connect to Admin Console. This value is also used when using IMAP, POP3 or SMTP authentication. We recommend you assign a generic password to every new user. Then, ask the users to log into their account and change their password at a later time.
Create associations
Check this box if your server handles multiple domains and you want Xeams to associate every domain with this user. Consider the following scenario as an example.
  • Your server handles emails for
  • You are creating a new user and his email address is
Check this box if you want John to get emails for, and
Notification Messages
If this box is checked, Xeams will send a summary report to the user containing a list of all messages that were marked as junk allowing the user to restore any message if it was tagged incorrectly.
Server's host name
The notification email contains URL that user can click to mark and restore messages. This is the IP address/Hostname with respect to the user.

Creating users with a Wizard

Using the wizard allows you to create several users at once. This wizard examines the email address of the users who have received emails in the past 24 hours. It then displays a list of these email address on the next screen allowing you to select the user for which you wish to create an account.

User comments

Posted by Atiq Ur Rahman Ch. on 7/16/14 4:43 PM

How to import users from CSV / excel file...

Posted by Jon Peterson on 6/26/16 6:43 PM

I don't understand the "Server's host name" field. No examples are given. What is the specific syntax that should be used?

Posted by Alberto de_la_Torre on 9/27/14 8:40 AM

If you import users from AD do you still need to manually configure a password for each user?

Posted by Steinarr G. on 3/7/13 3:48 PM

IT would be at big plus if you provided an minor script to automat user creations.. Regards.

Posted by Jerry on 11/28/14 12:06 AM

Are there any plans in the near future to allow user AD authentication?

Posted by Richie Rich on 4/17/13 6:23 AM

I'm just setting up xeams and one of the first hurdles i've come up against is importing all the users from active directory. It imports them all ok but only their primary email addresses. None of the secondary ones are being added as associations

Posted by Jon Elliott on 10/30/15 11:00 AM

It would be useful if you could associate domains to users so that reports can be generated and managed by a single user.

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