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Subject:Creating user accounts
Creation date:12/14/15 4:35 PM
Last modified on:12/14/15 4:35 PM

Creating user accounts

There are three ways to create accounts for an end-user

  1. Creating manually - this must be done by an Administrator
  2. Using a wizard - this must be done by an Administrator
  3. By users themselves - this can be done by the end user

The first two methods are described here. The following section talks about the 3rd method.

If you are an end-user (person who sends and receives emails through Xeams), you can create an account by clicking the Create Account link on the Login screen and then specifying your email address. Before creating this account, the system will verify that the email you provided belongs to you by generating a verification email. This verification email will contain further instructions on how to create your account.

User comments

Posted by Atiq Ur Rahman Ch. on 7/16/14 4:39 PM

How can I disable third feature By users themselves? your prompt response is much appreciated. Regards

Posted by Thamilthendral on 1/8/16 11:38 PM

Is there anyway to create user accounts in bulk. We want use xeams for our employees on intranet (local network) and want to create user accounts. Any csv/excel upload possible?

Posted by Ricky on 10/20/15 1:53 PM

When a manually created user logs on Xeams to check their spam messages, they can only see few messages on the 1st page and they can't change / go to different pages. So even though, in the quarantine email they receive, they can see quite a few messages, when they log on to Xeams, they can't go to page 2, 3, etc ... The page buttons do not work. If you login as an admin to Xeams and go to for example - View all Junk, you can go through all the pages without any issues. Is this a bug or are we doing something wrong here? I really need to fix this.

Posted by Dean on 6/16/15 3:19 AM

So was there any answers to this? Is it possible to stop users creating their own accounts?

Posted by Khor Bhatt on 11/17/14 12:08 PM

I don't know whether this is a good idea or not. Manage Users, add new user, and associate a user with a Domain, so one user can maintain spam for the particular domain ? This software is Good. We like it.

Posted by arief setyawan on 10/9/13 10:47 PM

can i deisable this future (create user account) and how can i disable that rgds Arief Setyawan

Posted by ms on 7/21/15 10:27 PM

I figured it out at least on Windows. Under the config directory there is a file called: APPCONFIG.XML In that file there is a property: <loginCreationDisabled></loginCreationDisabled> Mine was set: <loginCreationDisabled>false</loginCreationDisabled> I set it to: <loginCreationDisabled>true</loginCreationDisabled> Restarted the server and the Create Account button was gone.

Posted by ravi kumar on 7/6/12 8:31 AM

Please first let check

Posted by SJ on 8/18/15 1:24 PM

Is there a way to have user features enabled by default so that when someone creates an account the features are already enabled? eg "Allow user to associate other addresses"

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