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Integration with Microsoft Exchange

Xeams can be used with any email server including Microsoft Exchange. The following image demonstrate a network diagram of how Xeams works hand-in-hand with Microsoft Exchange.

Benefits of using Xeams with Microsoft Exchange

  • Spam filtering for free
  • Automatic message archiving
  • Company policy enforcement
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Zero configuration required on your Exchange server. No DLLs to install

How does it work

Consider the following scenario.
  • You have an existing MS Exchange server that is being used to handle your companies email.
  • The internal IP address for your Exchange server is
  • You want to install Xeams to filter Spam/Junk messages.

Installation Steps

  • Download and install Xeams on any machine on your network. Let's say the IP address of this machine is
  • During initial setup, select Spam Firewall as the server mode (You could also select the Hybrid mode)
  • Specify as the IP address of your corporate email server and enable Smtp Proxy Server.
  • Once the initial setup is complete, launch Microsoft Outlook or any other email client, specify (where Xeams is running) as the SMTP server and send a test message.
  • Confirm you receive this message in your Inbox
  • Now configure you network firewall to route SMTP traffic (TCP/IP port 25) to instead of
  • Messages now route through Xeams 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I install Xeams on the same machine where Exchange is running?
Answer: Absolutely. There are two ways to install Xeams on the same machine.

Question: How do I use Xeams for out-bound emails?

Answer: You can setup a smart host in Exchange. Once smart host is set, Exchange will forward messages to Xeams before they are actual delivered to the final destination.

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