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Subject:What is a corporate email server
Creation date:12/14/15 4:35 PM
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Corporate Email Server

A Corporate Email Server is a term used for another email server that is your primary email server. This term is only meaningful when you use Xeams in either as a Spam Firewall or in Hybrid Mode.

When Xeams is used as a Spam Firewall it filters in-coming emails before they reach to your actual email server. Xeams works with any SMTP compliant email server such as:
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Lotus Notes
  • Sendmail
  • Novell Groupware
  • and others...

User comments

Posted by Robert Brown III on 11/20/11 10:29 AM

This bit of info is useless when interpreting diagnostic failures. This is because when the Server Communication diagnostic fails, it says that you cannot connect to the "corporate email server". The problem here is that the failure can occur when you have Xeams in standalone mode. There is no indication whether or not the "corporate server" is an external server (in which case the diagnostic *should* fail) or the Xeams server itself (in which case this is a problem!). You people need to put up some real troubleshooting info so that when your installations don't work properly people can figure out what is going wrong...

Posted by M Felt on 8/22/14 6:34 AM

Xeams is, for as long as it is installed - the "one and only" mail server. I can connect to port 25 with no problem using telnet, and entering HELO, and QUIT; same for POP3, USER, PASS, QUIT. All are working, BUT Xeams refuses to accept email from intranet - outgoing, or from internet - incoming. This message does not help one bit. (p.s. PHPXMail worked fine. However, I would prefer to use more than just POP3). Looks like deinstall and XMAIL for now. Will watch for updates.

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