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Subject:Switching from Smtp Proxy to regular Smtp Server
Creation date:12/14/15 4:35 PM
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Switching from SMTP Proxy server to the SMTP Server

Depending upon your network design you might want to switch from using Smtp Proxy server to the normal Smtp Server. This article talks about the steps as well as advantages and disadvantages of switching.

Smtp Proxy is typically used in Firewall/Hybrid mode. It is not used in Stand-alone mode.

Pros and Cons of switching

Following points should be kept in mind when switching from proxy server to normal SMTP server.

  • The proxy server requires less configuration. This page shows the additional configuration required to switch.
  • The proxy server depends upon the actual SMTP server (MS Exchange, Sendmail, Lotus Dominos or other) for user authentication. When you switch, you will have to create users in Xeams if you want them to use authentication.
  • If your primary server goes down, messages get queued in Xeams if you use the normal SMTP server. The proxy server, on the other hand, cannot accept any messages if the actual server goes down. Instead, the proxy server relies on the Sender's SMTP server to queue the message.

Steps to switch

  • Connect to the Admin Console
  • Click the Configure link for SMTP Proxy. Click here for a screen shot
  • Modify the SMTP proxy port from 25 to a different value, such as 2500. Optionally, you can also disable the SMTP Proxy completely. However, we recommend that you do not disable the proxy server, which may come handy for testing purposes.
  • Click the Save button
  • Now click the Configure link for the normal SMTP server. Click here for a screen shot.
  • Click the Domain Configuration tab.
  • Add domains belonging to your company. Put the internal IP address of your actual server in the Forward To field. 
  • Click on the Basic Configuration tab
  • Enable the server if needed and change the port to 25.

Troubleshooting common problems

If for any reason the SMTP server does not listen on the port 25, try:
  • Disabling/Enabling the server again
  • Check Xeams.log file for any errors. Click Tools/View Logs on the main menu to see the log file.

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