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Subject:Fetching emails from a POP3 server - POP3 fetcher
Creation date:12/14/15 4:35 PM
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Fetching emails from a POP3 server

Often companies have to fetch their email from a POP3 server running at their ISP or any other company. This is typically the case where Xeams is running on a dynamic IP address or on a network that is not on the Internet all the time.


Following steps demonstrate how to fetch emails from a POP3 server.
  • Log in to the Admin Console as admin
  • Click Manage POP3 Fetcher under Server Management
  • Click the link for New Account
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to add a new POP3 account

User comments

Posted by Suresh Kumar on 5/23/13 12:20 AM

I have installed standalone xeam mail server,I configre the POP fetcher to fetch mail from my ISP, but mails are not fetched into Xeam mail emails in users mail box

Posted by Realbyte on 10/11/12 2:58 AM

Same here configured but it's not fetching or is failing at attempts. no log info...

Posted by andrew on 12/6/12 7:06 AM

Meant port 995 - but then suddenly thought - use fetchmail to do the retrieval - works perfectly!

Posted by jon on 11/12/12 1:12 PM

Can't seem to get anything in via pop fetch, nothing seems to happen, any ideas would be appreciated.

Posted by Astari Yahya on 9/12/12 10:11 PM

The pop3 fetcher in my xeams doesn't work ? how can i connecting pop3 fetcher with fetchmail so i can get my xeams pop3 fetcher, fetching the email every time i need Thank you

Posted by Leon Beijert on 10/5/12 3:07 AM

I have the same problem, i know that there is mail by the ISP, but nothing is happening the pop3 fetcher. I am using a QNAP 439 Posted by Astari Yahya on 9/12/12 10:11 PM The pop3 fetcher in my xeams doesn't work ? how can i connecting pop3 fetcher with fetchmail so i can get my xeams pop3 fetcher, fetching the email every time i need Thank you

Posted by MIke on 8/18/16 10:10 AM

For those that have this working, how do you have the pop server configured? IP Address, hostname, with or without :port? Any help would be appreciated.

Posted by andrew rowley on 12/6/12 2:24 AM

Has anyone made this work? Also need to retrieve email from hotmail via apop on port 99. Currently evaluating on ubuntu 12.04 server on an ESXi host

Posted by Matthias on 2/6/15 8:44 AM

I trapped into "No MX record found" too. you need to add the domain part of your email address to the hosts file. But this will not work if you have the same address outside or want to write to someone with the same domain who is outside. I created a local domain "mydomain.local" emails are "account@mydomain.local" do not forget to add "mydomain.local" to the hosts-file in the client use Reply-To address to force the reply to go to your ISP. While standard procedure with many MS-Exchange boxes this looks a bit tricky here. Still once undetrstood - easy going. M.

Posted by Jan Gatzke on 7/29/14 4:09 AM

The pop fetcher is not ssl aware. I got it working with ssl on port 995 using stunnel. However the whole think is totaly broken. Mails fetched via pop3 do not appear in any statistics and are not scanned for spam and virus.

Posted by Fabrizio on 2/15/12 4:56 AM

Please, were is "Manage POP3 Fetcher" on the 4.2 version? Thanks a lot.

Posted by Dmitriy Stremkovskiy on 8/26/13 1:49 PM

Just installed and configured two accounts via pop3+ssl. Sent two test email from other mailboxes and got them in my folders. Looks like this awesome plugin works! Thank you!

Posted by Gareth on 5/21/13 3:21 AM

Hi I would like to use this feature however not sure how to leave a copy on the mail server. is this possible? Thanks....

Posted by Marcelo Lopes on 1/11/13 5:16 PM

I just wanted to create a new email and send and receive messages with the IncrediMial program. For that I need to specify a POP3 incoming mail address, and outgoing SMTP. I did managed to create an email account in Xeams but cannot find the POP3 and SMTP information to use it :(

Posted by Philippe on 10/1/13 4:03 PM

Hi, i am new user on Xeams. I have problem with POP3 Fetcher. My server is StandAlone and i want use this option for download my emails in my system (NAS-QNAP 239Pro II+). POP3 Fetcher send this error in logs : 2013-10-01 19:27:43,955 ERROR e.b - Could not forward email to local SMTP server. This is message number 2 of 92. Exact error message is No MX record found for <Mylocal_domain_mail.loc> It's for personnal use and i don't have personnal MX.... is it possible to deactivate this option ? (MX record found) Thank you, Regards, Philippe

Posted by Nauni on 2/3/13 2:19 PM

Hello Andrew, thanks for your post that the fetchmail with port 995 is working. I tried it, but its not working. Do you need a SSL-Fetcher? Google is only possible to retreive messages via SSL. How did you specify the port? I tried "" but this is not working. :-( It would be really great if someone can tell me how to fetch mail from gmail. tia and best regards nauni

Posted by Patrick on 10/28/15 10:54 AM

Hi at all, i am trying to get the POP3 Fetcher to work with a emailadress. But Xeams isn't able to get a connection to the POP server from GMX. In the Xeams.log i get the following error: 2015-10-28 15:41:47,606 ERROR f.b - Unable to connect to the POP server. Make sure that Pop3 server hostname, user id and password are correct. Exact message: Either the user id/password is invalid or the server is busy with a prior request. Try again after ten minutes or make sure the login id is correct But the host, the id and the password are correct! Does anybody have an advice? Thank you in advance! Greetings Patrick

Posted by Phil Steels on 5/31/13 2:57 PM

I have just installed Xeams Enterprise Edition Version 4.2, build 5616 and setup SMTP, but now want to add some POP3 mailboxes however cannot find the POP3 Fetcher. Could someone please point me (and others on this thread) to where it is or how to enable it if it isn't already enabled. Thanks, Phil.

Posted by MMaes on 11/29/13 5:48 AM

I've used POPFetcher to migrate my mails at my ISP to my Xeams installation, which worked. However, all emails lost their original timestamps. Now I have 800+ emails with the same date and all marked unread - it's a mess... :( I don't know if popfetcher allows options like leaving the timestamp and leaving mails on the POP-server, but it would be valuable to have.

Posted by Suresh Kumar on 8/27/13 11:42 PM

How POP fetcher works anyone can explain me in detail. I hope after the mails fetch from ISP server its routed thru smarthost?

Posted by Chris Owen on 3/24/15 10:44 PM

Seems that XEAMS has dropped support for this feature. I asked about using this to collect SSL mails from Gmail, AOL, and others that use SSL/TLS servers and I was told the work on this had stopped. This feture would be great since most reputable mail services use advanced setups to prevent abuses. Sad that the team has lost sight on this feature would be a nice update to have working with out the need to peice it together using other applications to make it work half ass. Smart host is not any better I use TWC as my ISP and have to use my email at TWC to send email but the LACK of features to send mail prevent me from sending any emails I can receive them all day long and have since January but it has not worked even with support working with me to set these 2 features up. How I have to do it is I receive on my domain and then send using Gmail that is the best XEAMS could get working. Thanks for the help Xeams

Posted by Domenico on 11/13/12 1:30 PM

On QNAP POP3 Fetcher doesn't work. I look in log file this error: WARNING - Unable to load native library 'wrapper' because the file '' could not be located in the following java.library.path:/share/MD0_DATA/.qpkg/Xeams/lib Please see the documentation for the .... This work for me and solve pop3 fetcher problem. cd /share/MD0_DATA/.qpkg/Xeams/lib wget tar xvf libwrapper.tgz rm libwrapper.tgz

Posted by lucien on 1/12/15 1:11 PM

my pop fetcher keep on picking up email from pop3 server non stop - so i got loads of the same messages, when i check my mailbox from my provider the mail isnt removed. This happens random. I use oick up emil by domain and not buy user name per user

Posted by Chris Olde on 2/22/13 4:36 PM

Installed Xeams mailserver today (22-02-2013). But the Manage POP3 Fetcher seems to be missing. Where has it been moved to?? Or has it been deleted from the menu??

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