junk email going to good email sunny
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From: sunny
Date: 11/3/17 6:55 AM
Topic: junk email going to good email
Type: General Discussions
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I have just installed a fresh copy of Xeams.


After configuring it, i got a message advising the following:


"Your copy of Xeams has switched from Enterprise to Community edition. As a result, email filtering will be disabled."


As we are testing at the moment i dropped the users from 6 to 4 and re-enabled "Enable filtering" under score configuration, and restarted Xeams.


However we are now seeing that emails that should be marked as Junk or showing as Good (these are outbound emails that are not being sent by users that are in AD or configured in Xeams).


On checking the score we see that the email should have gone to Junk:




Also simulation shows that it should be marked as SPAM..




Have we missed something in the configuration to:


A - reject none valid senders e.g. not in AD or configured as a Xeams user

B - Get Junk emails flowing back into the junk folder?



thank you



From: Anonymous
Date: 11/3/17 8:44 AM
Topic: junk email going to good email
Type: General Discussions
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The reason it was tagged as good is because the message was Authenticated by a user. Since this message is coming from the Internet (IP is, I have a feeling someone has cracked a user id/password on your server. Check SMTPConversation.log ( or SMTPProxyConversation.log if you're using Proxy Server and check if SMTP Authentication was used. If yes, who is the user?

Is this a brand new domain or an existing domain with new Xeams? I ask because is it very unlikely someone would crack a user/id password for a new domain.

I would recommend contacting our support department via email/phone so we can further investigate this issue.