Restore / import mail? Richard
    Restore / import mail? Synametrics Support

From: Richard
Date: 10/13/17 5:58 AM
Topic: Restore / import mail?
Type: General Discussions
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I was running Xeams in spam firewall mode for a long time on Qnap NAS. All good mail was transfered to a internal dovecot mail server. Yesterday I did a firmware upgrade on the NAS resulting in no longer working dovecot.

I changed the configuration for Xeams to run as standalone SMTP. I'm able to send and receiver mail, all works well.
How can I import / restore all my previous mail?
I have a history of all mail sitting in the GoodEmails folder, and I have the original mails still available as files in my dovecot backup.

Whatever I try, I can't seem to trick Xeams in to (mass)reproducing al my old mail. Tried to copy en EML file from GoodEmails into ProcessingMessages or a copy from my dovecot inbox, but Xeams ignore these files in de ProcessingMessages folder.

I have no problem with some manual actions, but how can I let Xeams (re)process these type of mail files when I put them in some processing folder ?


From: Synametrics Support
Date: 10/18/17 8:12 AM
Topic: Restore / import mail?
Type: General Discussions
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You were almost on the right track. After copying messages manually into the ProcessingMessages folder, restart Xeams. Upon restarting, Xeams is going to move any email sitting in ProcessingMessages to LeftOverMessages and will process again.

If you have an option of stopping incoming emails from the Internet temporarily, do the following:

  • Change the SMTP Port number in Xeams from 25 to something else so no one from the Internet can connect
  • Copy *.eml files to ProcessingMessages. I would recommend running a test run on about 20-30 files before copying the entire dataset
  • Disable Spam Filtering - this will make the processing much faster. With filtering enabled, it could take a long time to process good emails again.
  • Restart Xeams
  • Watch the files disappearing from LeftOverMessages folder
  • Enable filtering when done and change the SMTP port back to 25