Spam-leaner hemantkumar

From: hemantkumar
Date: 5/17/17 9:19 AM
Topic: Spam-leaner
Type: Installation
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I finished installing xeams my setup is as follows:


Xeams as a spamfilter

Exchange server running in my domain.

All mail is sent to Exchange -> Xeams -> Internet

All e-mail is received Internet -> Xeams -> Exchange




I'm trying to setup the learner but for some reason it does not work or i'm missing somthing.


In the leaner i have put the following

When i forward an e-mail to i eventually get an error of a non existing address.


Do i need to create a mailbox in my exchange server? Do i need to create an MXrecord in my DNS and if so higher or lower priority.


Hope that someone has solved this issue.

Great product so far!