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From: hemantkumar
Date: 5/17/17 9:05 AM
Topic: Spam-leaner
Type: Installation
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I finished installing xeams my setup is as follows:


Xeams as a spamfilter

Exchange server running in my domain.

All mail is sent to Exchange -> Xeams -> Internet

All e-mail is received Internet -> Xeams -> Exchange




I'm trying to setup the learner but for some reason it does not work or i'm missing somthing.


In the leaner i have put the following

When i forward an e-mail to i eventually get an error of a non existing address.


Do i need to create a mailbox in my exchange server? Do i need to create an MXrecord in my DNS and if so higher or lower priority.


Hope that someone has solved this issue.

Great product so far!







From: Synametrics Support
Date: 5/18/17 10:01 AM
Topic: Spam-leaner
Type: Installation
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This is happening because your Exchange server is using an internal DNS server, which does not know the MX record for

I recommend you configure your Exchange server so it routes every out-bound message through Xeams. This is will solve problems:

  1. It won't have to do an MX lookup. It will blindly forward emails for every non-local domain to Xeams, including
  2. Xeams will learn from what is going out and will give credit to outside users when they reply. Check for details. When you configure this, remember to:
    • Add your Exchange server's IP to allow relaying
    • Add your Exchange server's IP among trusted IP,
    • White list the IP address for your Exchange