POP3 Fetcher Java error Marc Kleinebrummel
    POP3 Fetcher Java error Synametrics Support

From: Marc Kleinebrummel
Date: 10/20/16 8:25 AM
Topic: POP3 Fetcher Java error
Type: Installation
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Hello all,

aside from the licensing changes that we need to discuss internally, we currently have a problem with the pop3-fetcher.

This error keeps popping up in the Xeasm.log:

2016-10-20 14:22:04,205 ERROR rulesengine.v - 
	at com.synametrics.xeams.rulesengine.v.a(RulesProfile.java:5037)
	at com.synametrics.xeams.rulesengine.v.b(RulesProfile.java:2516)
	at com.synametrics.xeams.rulesengine.v.a(RulesProfile.java:2074)
	at A.b$1.run(PopFetcher.java:206)
	at A.b.a(PopFetcher.java:124)
	at A.b.e(PopFetcher.java:57)
	at A.b.b(PopFetcher.java:49)
	at A.b$2.run(PopFetcher.java:284)
	at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

The pop-fetcher downloads the email from the server, but does not seem to push it forward through the rules engine and it never shows in any message repository.

Just for information: I am running the current version of xeams and have recently upgraded the virtual appliance from Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04. Thats the change that has been done from our side.

I would appreciate any hints on this topic from you guys.


From: Synametrics Support
Date: 10/20/16 9:14 AM
Topic: POP3 Fetcher Java error
Type: Installation
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Could you please contact our support department via email. We will have to further investigate this issue.