ClamAV and MS Server 2011 MDang

From: MDang
Date: 7/13/16 10:58 AM
Topic: ClamAV and MS Server 2011
Type: Installation
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Integrated the Anti-Virus with XEAMS for MS Server 2011

A little bit tricky but got it's working.


Note: use 32 bit, 64 is not working even the server OS is 64bit

ClamD.exe 64bit is not working so use ClaimD 32bit


I got the instruction from here but it wasn't clear much

Here is my steps from the link above. Please give them the credit for it:

1. Install ClamWin clamwin-0.99.1-setup.exe

2. Copy those 2 files from in to the Clamwin program bin directory C:\Program Files (x86)\ClamWin\bin\CLAMD.EXE and CLAMD.CONF

3. Edit CLAMD.CONF : change the following 2 lines but leaving the other lines alone

LogFile C:\Program Files (x86)\ClamWin\bin\clamd.log

DatabaseDirectory C:\ProgramData\.clamwin\db

4. Copy 4 files from to C:\Program Files (x86)\ClamWin\bin\





5. From command line (CMD), cd to the program directory %ProgramFiles(x86)%\ClamWin\bin* and run: clamd.exe --install

6. Go to windows SERVICES Search for "ClamWin Free Antivirus Scanner Service" Right click and Properties of the service, and change it to Startup Type = AUTOMATIC. You may then click START to run the service.

7. Log in XEAMS Server Configuration---> Integration with ClamAV

IP: server IP

Port: 3310

Click test to make sure you can see "Success!" on top left