Configuring XEAMS on a QNAP NAS Server raaomoka

From: raaomoka
Date: 11/26/15 12:08 AM
Topic: Configuring XEAMS on a QNAP NAS Server
Type: Installation
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Hey guys,


I'm in the process of building my own cloud and e-mail server on a QNAP TS-470 Pro. I have the cloud storage figured out via ownCloud, but I'm having toruble with configuring XEAMs as my e-mail server.

I followed the on-screen setup instructions, setup my first e-mail account, but I can't seem to use my configured settings on my SmartPhone E-mail clinet nor Outlook on my PC.

Please could someone kindly link me to detailed instructions on how to setup XEAMS? I don't see that on XEAMS website nor Knowledge Base...