test installation with Exchange 2013 Stefan

From: Stefan
Date: 8/17/15 7:41 AM
Topic: test installation with Exchange 2013
Type: Installation
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i am looking for a spamwall for our Company, and i want to test xeams in a test Installation with  a Exchange 2013 Mailserver.

i configured xeams as a SMTP Proxy with the Port 2529, the Exchange 2013 has a own connector for xeams. So the application popcon fatches the mails and Transfer them to xeams port 2529 after the spam check xeams Transfer the Mails in the Exchange. this is working fine.

now i tryed to generate a Report for a user, 3 times a day, but the user didn't receive any Report? i can't find any error

when i go to server configuration - manage user - an click Report - he is telling me Send summery Report. last send on 17.08.15 16:18. the correct time, but the user have no Report in his Mailbox. so what is my error?