Xeams can't install on debian 7.8 Akong

From: Akong
Date: 8/17/15 2:37 AM
Topic: Xeams can't install on debian 7.8
Type: Installation
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I has installed debian 7.8 and updated.I download xeams and unzip tar file.

I have change permission Install.sh and run it.

It's will failed start.

The log is follow.

root@debian:~# ./Install.sh
[.] Installing Xeams.
[.] Please specify, installation directory or leave blank for default
    Please enter (e.g. /opt/):
[.] Installation directory = /opt/
[.] Unzipping Xeams.tar.gz file... [OK]
[.] Extracting Xeams.tar file...[OK]
[.] Configuring Startup Script...[OK]
[.] Getting Operating System Info:
Checking Available LSB Modules...No LSB modules are available.
[.] Configuring Xeams to start on boot...update-rc.d: using dependency based boot sequencing
[.] Starting Xeams Server....Starting Xeams SMTP Server and Spam Filter...
[.] Configuring Uninstall script...[OK]
root@debian:~# ./run.sh: line 10: jre/bin/java: No such file or directory

What is this problem?