Xeams appears good but not receiving messages Jay W

From: Jay W
Date: 3/31/15 7:23 PM
Topic: Xeams appears good but not receiving messages
Type: Installation
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I've got Xeams setup on a VPS host as a spamwall and the diagnostics check is good (although it says open relay yet my VPS support says the server requires authentication). While everything seems to be green, Xeams is not receiving any emails - they are still going straight to my local mail server. I am running Centos, using the standard cPanel exim mail server and Dovecot. Can anyone offer advice on where to go from here to get mail to deliver through Xeams? (it's worth noting that I was able to pretty much just install and go on my last VPS host, so I'm not sure what I am doing wrong this time).