SpamFilter configuration James Alcroft

From: James Alcroft
Date: 2/3/15 12:09 PM
Topic: SpamFilter configuration
Type: Installation
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Think I have missed something, but not sure what. I only want to use the spamfilter which is sitting infront to two different mail server. I have email coming in, and going out. Unfortunately, it isn't stopping any spam. I know this as we also have PolicyPatrol sitting on our Exchange server and I am still getting spam coming in. I need to stop this as we need to forward our email from our exchange server to a new mail server (different domain) but PolicyPatrol doesn't coming into play until the email has hit exchange and therefore all spam is being forwarded to the new domain. Also, if I look at the message repository, it is reporting 0 message, nothing at all, no junk, no suspect AND no good emails. Any suggestions on what I have missed would be appreciated. Any further information required, please ask. James