LDAP Bind Settings Not Retained BUG Confirmed! Zac

From: Zac
Date: 8/1/14 5:35 AM
Topic: LDAP Bind Settings Not Retained BUG Confirmed!
Type: Installation
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May help some others to know that the LDAP Bind in XEAMS seems to have a bug where if you enter in the LDAP settings and click save the settings to do not stick. When you check them the fields are all blank. Support have confirmed this is a bug and they way that I have found to overcome this is to edit the C:\Xeams\config\AppConfig.XML directly with the required values. Then restart Xeams, when you check again the settings will be there and if correct LDAP will be working. I needed it to ensure that in proxy mode Xeams was able to check to see if the user was a valid user in Active Directory. This is running under windows and latest version to date,. Thanks