Raspberry Pi Setup Jesse

From: Jesse
Date: 3/9/14 5:09 PM
Topic: Raspberry Pi Setup
Type: Installation
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Hello, I'm currently trying to set up Xeams on a Raspberry Pi to work as a spam filter in front of an already existing exchange server at a Volunteer Rescue Squad. I'm having a problem getting it installed and here is what comes up when installed and when trying to start Xeams after install. [.] Installing Xeams. [.] Please specify, installation directory or leave blank for default Please enter (e.g. /opt/): [.] Installation directory = /opt/ [.] Unzipping Xeams.tar.gz file... [OK] [.] Creating /opt/Xeams folder... mkdir: created directory `/opt/Xeams' [.] Extracting Xeams.tar file...[OK] [.] Configuring Startup Script...[OK] [.] Getting Operating System Info: Install.sh: 436: Install.sh: [[: not found Install.sh: 441: Install.sh: [[: not found Install.sh: 447: Install.sh: [[: not found Install.sh: 453: Install.sh: [[: not found Checking Available LSB Modules...Install.sh: 471: Install.sh: lsb_release: not found Install.sh: 479: [: lsb_release: unexpected operator [FAILED] **************** WARNING: Xeams could not be configured at boot because there is no startup program found ************* [.] Configuring Xeams to start on boot...Install.sh: 501: Install.sh: [[: not found Install.sh: 501: Install.sh: : Permission denied Install.sh: 564: Install.sh: [[: not found Install.sh: 623: Install.sh: [[: not found Install.sh: 623: Install.sh: : Permission denied [.] Configuring Uninstall script...[OK] And when I try to run after install... :lib/catalina.jar:lib/catalina-optional.jar:lib/commons-codec-1.3.jar:lib/commons-el.jar:lib/commons-logging.jar:lib/commons-modeler.jar:lib/derbyclient.jar:lib/derby.jar:lib/derbynet.jar:lib/jasper-compiler.jar:lib/jasper-compiler-jdt.jar:lib/jasper-runtime.jar:lib/jsp-api.jar:lib/log4j.jar:lib/lucene.jar:lib/mail.jar:lib/naming-factory.jar:lib/naming-resources.jar:lib/servlet-api.jar:lib/servlets-default.jar:lib/SynametricsCommon.jar:lib/SynChart.jar:lib/tomcat-coyote.jar:lib/tomcat-http.jar:lib/tomcat-util.jar:lib/tools.jar:lib/Xeams.jar root@raspberrypi:/opt/Xeams# jre/bin/java: 1: j e/bin/java: ELF 0�4�: not found jre/bin/java: 2: jre/bin/java: Syntax error: "(" unexpected I do have Java 1.7 installed. Any help would be great, thanks in advance.