Spam Firewall - Exchange 2010 f17th

From: f17th
Date: 9/6/13 7:37 AM
Topic: Spam Firewall - Exchange 2010
Type: Installation
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Hi All I'm setting up a copy of Xeams to sit behind my firewall, and filter messages to my Exchange 2010 server. Installed the Windows version on Server 2008 R2. Just going through the setup process but wondering what pages need configuring within the management interface. I don't wish to send email out via the Xeam application. I'm wondering where do I configure the accepted domains. Do I need to create a user list or will it forward mail through to my exchange server without all my users confgured in the web console. Again, If I import users via LDAP it only puts the primary Email address in the details box. Also I can't get the LDAP/AD Lookup to save the fields Home>SMTP Proxy Server Config Any Ideas? Thanks