SFP configured incorrectly blocking outbound emails Glen

From: Glen
Date: 7/18/12 4:58 PM
Topic: SFP configured incorrectly blocking outbound emails
Type: Installation
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I am in the early stages of testing the software and I am running into an issue where outbound messages are being marked as spam becuase: Score Description 200 SPF - fail (mycomp.com does not authorize as an allowable sender. The private internal address is our internal exchange server which has the new Xeam server set as a smarthost in the DMZ. Our original SFP record has our external public IP address listed in our DNS and works fine when the Xeam server is not in the mix. What I don't understand is where exactly the Xeam server is even associating the SPF record with our INTERNAL ip address or why it is attempting to use that internal address. Where is the Xeam software even pulling this ip address from? I have set this ip as my "Actual Email Server Host" under SMTP Proxy Server Configuration and under SMTP relaying.