Problems getting pop3 Fetcher to work Jurgen Lemein

From: Jurgen Lemein
Date: 5/19/12 9:25 AM
Topic: Problems getting pop3 Fetcher to work
Type: Installation
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Good day, Recently i figured i would try and use Xeams to store my emails locally. This mainly for the experience and use in small business locations. Now i have installed the Xeams package, and since for small businesses people usually do not have a static WAN ip, i figured i would use the pop3 fetcher. Using the installation guide's and several FAQ's i've opened up all ports on the router (just in case). This would include the ports:"25, 2525, 53, 80, 110, 143, 993 and 995". I've added 2 domains (1 for testing, 1 actual) to the configuration, and created an email adress in the fetcher for each domain. Now according to all diagnostics the connections are fine out and inbound, however Xeams does not seem to be wanting to actually "download" the email to the local server, from which it can redistribute. What i have noticed however, with my test domain, is that the email do get the status "read", but are not downloaded. What am i missing?