HELP This thing WONT RUN - Ubuntu x32 11.10 Chris Baldassano

From: Chris Baldassano
Date: 1/31/12 1:05 PM
Topic: HELP This thing WONT RUN - Ubuntu x32 11.10
Type: Installation
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I am racking my brains out.. I am not a linux guru, but i have gone this way for stability.. I bought a new domain and i want this to b my personal little business email server.. I install it ok, in the root account etc.. It runs, i can get to admin console etc.. but then after a few screens of setting things up, the console says it cant connect anymore, and subsqeuent tried all fail.. Even fails on reboot! I tried restarting service, etc.. This is driving me batty! Im about to look into another product unless someone can help. Been 2 days so far and i have gotten No place.