ADVISORY: Xeams and 64- bit Ubuntu Robert Brown III

From: Robert Brown III
Date: 11/20/11 9:20 PM
Topic: ADVISORY: Xeams and 64- bit Ubuntu
Type: Installation
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This is an advisory for those who are thinking of using the Xeams email system on 64- bit versions of Ubuntu. To put things simply: don't. This advisory is about the current version of Xeams (which is unknown, version numbers for this product are not supplied) as of 11/17/2011. The Ubuntu version is 11.10. The Xeams download is the one for "other platforms". It is downloaded, decompressed, and run as root (by doing a sudo su -, then a ./ Make certain that at least Java 6 is installed. When you run it on 64- bit Ubuntu, the application will run for a few seconds and generate a NoSuchMethodError exception. It will have appeared to have failed, but the application will still be runnng. Sort of. The application runs and you can access it using the web administration system. The various servers, unfortunately, start up in a NOT RUNNING state regardless of how you configure it. You can start the SMTP server by clicking on the server's "configure" link, then in the resulting window click on the "save" button. This is the only way I know to get the SMTP server going. The POP server can only be started by clicking on the POP server's "Configure" button, making an actual change in the port number used by the server. Click on "Save". The POP server will start. You can change the port back once the server is running. There are several HTTP- related functions that, when you invoke them, they cause NoSuchMethodError exceptions to be thrown. Another problem that you will see is that attempts to restart the server will cause it to stop, but not restart. Attempts to find an answer to this problem here in this fforum will fail. Such attempts have been made before. The standard answer given is to "check to make sure that you are using Java 6". This problem occurs on Ubuntu 11.10 64- bit even if you are using Java 6. Pointing this out here will not help; apparently any other inquiries are ignored. To my knowledge, there is no way to report bugs in Xeams. There is clearly a bug in this system that causes it to fail to work on 64- bit Ubuntu, and it probably fails on other 64- bit linuxes as well. If I have time, I will test this on some of these other Linuxes and include reports on Xeams' behavior in comments to this entry. But until someone does something, just be advised that this email system does not work on 64- bit Ubuntu. Currently you have no recourse for handling this problem -- unless you want to buy the support these folks are offering in order to bring this bug to their attention...