SMTP Proxy on same machine as Exchange Gary

From: Gary
Date: 10/9/09 10:10 AM
Topic: SMTP Proxy on same machine as Exchange
Type: Installation
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I have tried to install the SMTP proxy on the same machine as my existing exchange server. I changed the SMTP port of the existing server on to 2525 I created new IP address and bind the SMTP proxy to that I forward Firewall SMTP port 25 to I configure the SMTP Proxy to use real server IP and real port 2525 All seems to be working fine if and only if I allow anonymous SMTP access to the exchange. The moment I switch to anonymous access, the diagnostics complains about the open relay, and suggests denying relay from the proxy IP. When I configure Exchange to deny relay from that IP, the diagnostics still lists that my relay in open, and a simple spam test from a non existing domain confirms that. How can I close down the open relay? Without having to switch to just authenticated access. If I were to use authetication, how do I authenticate the proxy? Thanks in advance, Gary