Relaying Denied PokerMunkee

From: PokerMunkee
Date: 2/13/15 3:18 PM
Topic: Relaying Denied
Type: Installation
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I have a open source UTM (Endian) that my MX record points it. It does a virus scan and sends clean email to where I specify. I specified to send clean email to the server I setup Xeams on ( But it doesn't make it to Xeam. This is the log in maillog on my UTM:[] said: 550 5.7.1 ... Relaying denied Under SMTP Configuration -> Relaying.... I have tried both Open Relay and Closed Relay with 172.30.100.*. Nothing works. I basically want my email to flow like this: Internet -> Endian UTM -> Xeam Server -> Exchange Server What am I doing wrong?? Thanks, Poker